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Who are we

motivatedversion.com about us

Lucky Thomas the Author, CEO & Founder of Motivated Version

“As a kid, I dealt with low Self-esteem and Confidence, depression, and other Awful Emotions I can't explain. I looked both ways, but couldn't find those who understand. I started working on myself to be the person I needed when I was a kid and thank God I'm that person now.”

Our Goals
  1.  Motivating and Inspiring our audience with unique motivational and inspirational quotes.
  2. Providing Unique and Realistic Content to improve our audience's Attitude in Tough Situations and help them become the Better Version of Themselves.
  3. Providing Powerful and Effective Tips to make our Audience Life's Easier and help them face Difficult Situations by changing their Perspective to the Situation.

How did we start

Motivated Version is an extended part of Lucky (Facebook Quotes Page) which was created on 29/7/2019 with the same MV Goals. Lucky gives you a glimpse of what to do while Motivated Version takes you through it.

"The Goal is to Help those Dealing with Hard Times because we Know How It Feels."  - Lucky Thomas

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