7 Powerful Tips For Managing Time Effectively

“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.” - Bruce Lee
We all have time but it's only those who invest it wisely who get the most of it. Most successful people, traders, entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers have something in common, which is the power of time management.

These days there are a lot of time accelerators (social media apps)

TikTok: 4 or 5 hours of your day can pass without you benefiting anything.

Snapchat: use it for 2 hours and it feels like 20 minutes.

Instagram: other contents are great, it can motivate and teach you but most are useless. 

Facebook: Facebook kills time and makes you addicted to it.

If you want to be successful, reduce work stress, and anxiety. You have to master time management.

6 Benefits of time management

1. Decrease in anxiety and stress level

Being under lots of pressure and having responsibilities that overwhelm you can cause stress. Prioritizing and arranging your work can increase focus, which will help in completing tasks faster and reducing stress.

2. Identification of self-worth

You realize you've invested your time, used it for good, and didn't waste it. Some people waste their time doing worthless things all day e.g., spending the whole day on social media or watching tv, gossiping, hanging out with negative people, etc for days, weeks, or months doing the same routine that becomes a habit.

3. Progress in career life

An important skill for progress in your career life is time management because it increases productivity, helps in dealing with many tasks, improves focus, and opens up chances for new opportunities.

4. You earn genuine respect

People respect and value the time they spend with you because you value and respect your time. You don't waste your time around things or people who suck your energy, things that don't add value to your life because you realize your time is short.

5. Improve productivity

Time management enables you to prioritize urgent tasks, avoid time-consuming distractions, stop procrastination and lack of focus.

6. Balance

Effective time management leads to a balance between one's personal life and work-life which can reduce stress, depression, anxiety and prevent burnout.

7 tips for time management

1. Arrangement

The more you arrange things, the better you become at time management and things become easier. Here are some tips to help become better at arranging.
1. Prioritize
2. Schedule
3. Break a big task into a small one

2. Prioritization

Everything you spend your time at, classify it into four-time quadrant
1. Important and urgent: Prioritize it in your day.
2. Important but not urgent: schedule it. If you can't do it today, do it tomorrow, but remember it's important.
3. Urgent but not important: things that keep you busy, but don't add value, e.g., some emails, meetings, and popular activities.
4. Not important and not urgent: remove it from your life.

3. Set a goal

Most people who waste their time don't have goals or tasks they are committed to. Improve a skill you are good at so that you can achieve your goal, but here I'm not talking about long-term goals that will take 5 or 10 years to be achieved, but small-term goals. With time management, prioritization, focus, and the skills you gained, you will confidently achieve your goals.

4. Planning

It's an important skill needed in managing time. With prioritization, setting goals, and planning, you will draw the path you want to take.

5. Focus

You manage your time to manage yourself. After knowing your priorities, arranging them, and planning how to achieve them, focus on that one task only.
Distractions are everywhere, we are always distracted by our phones messages and emails and our thoughts while studying or learning something new. These distractions are always urgent but not important, so focus on what's important.

6. Completing tasks

It's what most people fail to do because it's difficult to complete. Most people start but don't finish, reach halfway but don't complete. It takes faith, self-belief, consistency, learning through the journey, smart and hard work to complete a big task and achieve big goals that's why it's one of the greatest things that let you recognize your self-worth and time. Don't let things that aren't important and urgent stop you from completing and waste your time. On your way, you will meet doubters, those who will pull you down, criticism, and many other obstacles. Use criticism as feedback to learn not to deter you.