10 Coolest Psychological Tricks Everyone Should Know

Coolest psychological tricks by motivatedversion.com

 These 10 simple psychological tricks can be used by anyone either introvert or extrovert, but not to manipulate or get something you want, but to make a relationship, friendship, or a conversation with a stranger easier.

psychological tricks for when responding to a good advice

1. Responding to the good advice you know

We all know how it feels to give someone a piece of good advice then get the reply "I know". To sound more diplomatic when replying to the good advice you already know, reply with " You are right".

psychological tricks about goals

2. Don't announce your big goals

Tell no one about your big goals because it chemically satisfies the brain and tells your brain it has been achieved.

 It's good to brag about your goal if you don't want to achieve it. Most people think by telling many people their goal increase their chance to succeed, but the truth is it decreases it. Telling your goal to 2 or 3 friends is ok, but posting it on social media is not.

psychological tricks to get someone to tell you more

3. Get someone to tell you more

If you are in conversation with someone and you're not getting many answers you were hoping for, try staying silent while they speak after you asked them, just be silent even after they stop answering, this will trigger them to fill the silence, letting them talk more.

psychological tricks to get others believe in you

4. Get others to believe in you 

If you are in discussion and want others to believe in your idea, the trick is to not question what you believe in and eliminate hesitating words (I think, maybe) while talking, this will make you sound confident. For example, a teacher asked a question, the first student answered with “I think the answer is 3”, the second student answered with “The answer is 2” the class is more likely to believe in the answer of the second student.

psychological tricks for winning an argument

5. Winning an argument 

If you are in an argument with a person who lost his/her temper and started shouting, he or she expects you to shout back, but don't instead be calm, then reply in the normal way you always talk, this will piss them off more.

psychological tricks if you want to plant an idea in someone's mind

6. If you want to plant an idea in someone's mind

If you want to plant an idea in someone's mind, instead of telling them a positive view and nice things about it, ask them to not think of that thing at all. Let's say I ask you not to think about your favorite cousin, what are you thinking about now!.

psychological tricks for staying discipline

7. How to stay Discipline 

The trick to staying disciplined when doing big or boring tasks is to break the big task into many small easy tasks, then reward yourself after completing each, for example, you want to read a book that is 60 pages, thinking about reading the whole book at once, may sound boring and you will up procrastinating, but if you decided to read 6 or 10 pages a day, then reward yourself after completing each will trick your brain into viewing that task as small and interesting.

8. To avoid conflict 

To avoid conflict with someone you except to fight, sit next to that person and not across them. The person next to you is less like to feel threatened.

9. The Gruen effect

This psychological trick is used in shopping malls and stores, where layouts are designed to be confusing and maze-like, forcing people to see (and buy) more products. This trick is named after the Austrian architect Victor Gruen.

10. Get others to take you seriously 

Did you know that if you want people to take you seriously, tell them your parents have taught you that, or start the sentence with did you know? This psychological trick works on many people.